How to speed up HippoEDIT start

We are taking care to keep HippoEDIT start-up performance as fast as possible. But there are ways to speed up it even more if you agree to disable some features you may not use. The flow is following:

  • update HippoEDIT to the latest version
  • disable all plugins you do not need (for example File Explorer, Project Explorer, Bookmark Manager, scripting plugins etc.)
  • disable syntaxes you do not need
  • disable performance critical features you do not need, such as: restoring of the last search results, restoring of the Undo history for edited files, restoring Clipboard content etc.
  • do not restore last open files: Tools→Options→General→Actions→At Startup → Open New File etc
  • do not use portable mode, that disables caching of data files
  • do not constantly change between x86 and x64 bit versions of HippoEDIT (if you have installed both), cache files are not shared between different HippoEDIT versions and will be overwritten each time, causing long startup.
  • check on the wiki tag “performance” which other features influence HippoEDIT speed