Moving HippoEDIT

HippoEDIT files consist of two parts:

  • Binary files, that are executable, DLLs, and plugins, which are located in installation directory (normally in Program Files folder, or in the directory, you have chosen during installation).
  • Data files, which are located in the user directory.

The most of the configuration data is stored in files in user directory, and very few things are in registry. Your license information is also stored in user directory.

So, potentially, if you want to move HippoEDIT to a different drive you need to copy both mentioned directories. Installation directory can be copied in any place, user directory may be located only in %APPDATA% folder or inside of installation folder. In addition, you will need to register shell extension and libraries, as following:

  1. Run cmd.exe in Administrator mode
  2. Change directory (cd) to new HippoEDIT install directory
  3. execute hippoedit.exe /Register
  4. execute regsvr32 ShellReg.dll
The easiest way to move HippoEDIT: copy user directory, uninstall/reinstall HippoEDIT in new location, copy old user directory content into new user directory.