Integrated Web Browser

HippoEDIT comes with integrated web browser window. The browser window can be used for in-place previewing of the documents (as HTML for example), navigating through integrated or external help files and browsing your Internet Explorer bookmarks.

Standard Internet explorer functionality (as managing of bookmarks, changing font size, URL history etc) is supported as with help of Web Browser toolbar as with context menu.

Integrated Internet Explorer browser

To preview your currend HTML document inside integrated Web Browser, you can use Preview In Browser command.

Internet Explorer embedded in HippoEDIT works in IE9 compatibility mode, if you want to change that, you can use following setting.

Support for Alternative Browsers

If you want to preview your documents inside of HippoEDIT in separated tab/pane - there is no option, you can use only Internet Explorer. But there are options to execute a preview in an external browser of your choice. There are some drawbacks: like file shall be saved before preview and a preview is always open within new tab/window (even for the same document), but it works.

The integration works with help of Tools. You need to create a new Tool pointing to the browser of your choice and use current document path as an argument. You can control when the tool will be visible (for documents in which syntax) by placing the tool into the folder of the corresponding syntax. If you want to be visible for documents in all syntaxes, use Default syntax.

Preview in Default Browser

Preview in Chrome