Start Page

The Start Page in HippoEDIT gives you a brief overview of files or projects that you have worked last time. It allows you to quickly open recent file or project, or create a new file for file extensions you have used recently.

Start Page in HippoEDIT

The page is automatically shown in frame area if all documents are opened or can be opened explicitly, with a help of menu View → Start Page.

The page support keyboard navigation and incremental search, so you can navigate fast to the item you need, by just typing the path of the file name. To dismiss search - press Esc. To open item, select it and press Enter.

Search in Start Page

On the image above, quick navigation to file plugins.php was done, by typing “plu” (selected in blue). Not matching items are disabled.

If you have closed the page, you can fast reopen it, by double click on frame area (you see it, in case when all documents are closed)