Smart Highlight

Smart Highlight selects all occurrences of the current word (variable) in surrounding text. To activate it you can use the main menu item, shortcut (can be defined) or Ctrl + left mouse Click on word. In addition to simple search it has some smart logic:

  • it searches only in current syntax (language)
  • it takes into account context (style of text where the click was done). If the click is done in comments - only comments will be searched, if in normal text comments will be skipped.
  • it takes into account case sensitivity of the language
  • results are shown on Overview Bar.

Additional Smart Highlighting styles makes it possible to have multi style permanent smart highlighting displayed in code in same time. This is added in addition to automatic, not permanent smart highlight.

Additional Smart Highlighting Styles in HippoEDIT

You can enable the feature in Options->Code Completion.