Quick Search Bar

If you think that standard search dialog is too big or complex for your daily needs or you like incremental search, you can use Quick Search bar.

Quick Search BarIt is Firefox-like search panel, attached to a bottom of your editor window and used for search in the current document. You can do the case and not case sensitive search. Highlight matching results and navigate between matches.

By default, an incremental mode is used and shows you, in integrated message panel, how much entries are found. While you are typing, Overview bar can show you where search matches are located in the document. You can access it by default shortcut Ctrl + Q.

The options for search can be adjusted from Quick Search context menu, available on right mouse click on “magnifier” icon on right side of the search field. Following options can be configured:

  • Use regular expressions - enables regular expression search (default OFF)
  • Match Case - enables case-sensitive search (default OFF)
  • Whole Word - enables the only search on word boundaries (default OFF)
  • Incremental - executes search as you type (default ON)
  • Highlight - Highlight all matches in the document (default ON)