Code Outlining

The document text analyzed in runtime using data predefined in language specification and updated with document changes. Code outlining gives you better document overview and possibility to find such errors like unclosed structures without checking or compiling:

  • see your coding in hierarchy
  • collapsing / expanding of blocks
  • collapse to definition
  • multi-line comments outlining
  • user defined format tags will help you to group any part of your code

Outlining information is visualized by Outlining Margin.

Code outlining and tooltip for collapsed area when hovering

Change color of current scope outlining

  • View.CollapseCommentNodes
  • View.CollapseCurrentNode
  • View.CollapseToDefinition
  • View.ToggleCurrent
  • View.ToggleSameType
  • View.OpenAll
  • View.OpenCurrent