Brace matching

Automatic brace matching gives you immediate feedback on misplaced brackets or open-ended code segments. Automatic brace matching recognizes all brackets types, quotes, and structures defined in the language specification. When you type a closing bracket, both it and its matching bracket remain highlighted until you type another key or move the cursor (same works for open/close structures). This makes visually identifying code blocks much easier. In addition, this may help identify mismatched or missing brackets and structures. Double click on open/close structure tag will navigate you to matching the close/open tag in the document.

Runtime highlighting of matched structures when typing

You can enable the feature in Options->Code Completion.

You can configure symbols that should be highlighted in OpenClose node of syntax specification.

Be aware, that sequence of the braces matter, and the only first pair will be treated as obligatory and would be marked as unclosed if it is.