Accelerator Hint

Accelerator Hint window (or is it named also Shortcut Hint) is probably only useful for novice, that does not remember all shortcuts.
Then if he presses Ctrl and long time think about which symbol comes next he gets a hint of all commands containing Ctrl, if then he presses some other control key (Shift or Alt or both) HippoEDIT does filter once more according to the new combination.

Also, it is possible to search in the hint window, typing characters without releasing control keys. And then current item changed, or you click on some icon and action is executed.

In comparing to Command Hint window, Accelerator Hint shows only that commands that have any shortcut assigned in current keyboard schema.

HippoEDIT evaluates current context in which Accelerator Hint was called and shows only that commands in the list that can be executed in this context.

The command can be called as by assigned shortcut as from the main menu View → Shortcuts Hint.

The Accelerator Hint window is also displayed if you keep command buttons (Ctrl+Shift) for a while. Delay for displaying of the hint window can be modified with XML flag.

Accelerator Hint Window in HippOEDIT