You can also defined list of keyword (also multi word keywords are supported) to be highlighted.

Define this:

<Keywords lead="\s*$">
   <Keyword text="aaa" lead="\s*\($"/>
   <Keyword text="aad" trail="\s*\)"/> 

for matching keywords. Keyword should contain only characters defined in node <Words>0-9A-Za-z_</Words> of the <SPECIFICATION> node or space, for multi word keyword.


Mandatory. Keyword text. Case sensitivity depends from appropriate setting in SPECIFICATION.


:!: deprecated - use lead attribute instead
Keyword text is leaded by character sequence (case sensitive).


Reverse regular expression, which shall lead keyword (case sensitive).


:!: deprecated - use trail attribute instead
Keyword text is word trailed by character sequence (case sensitive).


Regular expression, which shall trail keyword (case sensitive).


Allows you specify details for keyword, displayed on hovering or by request, when QuickInfo called on some keyword.


Specify, how keyword should be inserted by code completion. You can also use template tags inside. %CurrentWord% tag in this context mean keyword text.

If you want to have same insert pattern for all keywords in a style, you can define pattern attribute on the level of Keywords node.