Tri State Check Box

Check box control with ability to have intermediate state in addition to set/unset.

Property Default Value Description
id empty id (name) of the script data object associated with control
title empty title of the control. Will be taken if no variable is bound (variable in dialog storage with name corresponding to id property)
align stretched Alignment of the control
state false Checked state of the control. See list of available values below
State Value Description
true Checked state
false Not checked
none Intermediate state
checked Checked state
unchecked Not checked
indeterminate Intermediate state
Event Description
onclick event handler (function name) to be called, if check box is clicked
var varStorage = new Storage(); 
var dialog_template = 
'@<dialog title="Test Dialog" resizing="both"> \
   <tri_state_checkbox id="check" title="Never show me anything ever again" state="none"/> \
   <tri_state_checkbox id="check2" title="I will open message Box" onclick="OnClick"/> \
   <group minwidth="75" minheight="23" uniform="true" align="center"> \
   		<button title="&amp;OK" default="true" returnval="ok"/> \
   		<button title="&amp;Cancel" returnval="cancel"/> \
   </group> \
Output().writeln("Dialog 4 returns: " + dialog(dialog_template, varStorage));
function OnClick() {
	alert("Control Text: " + this.Text + "\r\nControl Name: " + this.Name);