GroupBox Control

GroupBox controls used for visual grouping of related controls. GroupBox control example

Property Default Value Description
id empty id (name) of the script data object associated with control
title empty groupbox title
align stretched Alignment of the control
var dialog_template = 
'@<dialog title="GroupBox Test dialog" id="groupbox_dlg"> \
   <groupbox title="URL Parameter"> \
	   <group> \
		   <paragraph id="label1" text="Name:" style="required" minwidth="7"/> \
		   <edit id="name" cuebanner="Enter name" required="true" minwidth="10"/> \
	   </group> \
	   <group> \
	   	   <paragraph id="label2" text="Value:" minwidth="7"/> \
		   <edit id="value" cuebanner="Enter value" minwidth="10"/> \
	   </group> \
   </groupbox> \
   <group uniform="true" align="right"> \
	   <button title="&amp;OK" returnval="ok" default="true"/> \
	   <button title="&amp;Cancel" returnval="cancel"/> \
   </group> \