Tools Output Window

Tools Output Window

HippoEDIT can catch output from integrated tools and forward it to Tools→Output Window.

If you want to change font name, font color or background color for the Output window you can do it the same way as you do for the text editor, based on syntax settings. Output Window has its own syntax definition, but with a reduced set of properties.

Output Window supports input. Try adding as a tool “cmd.exe” to get an integrated DOS console:

  • For bat files pause can be used
  • You can edit last typed command
  • You can have special exit command defined for the tool that is sent to the tool when you call Cancel tool from HippoEDIT. Not available in UI yet, but can be defined in as XML attribute for the tool in *_user.xml. exit_cmd=“exit” for example. For cmd.exe exit as exit command automatically defined.
  • You can paste commands (or commands sets)
  • You can type commands directly