Auto Reload

This feature can be enabled via menu item File → Auto-Reload (Auto-Reload after external modification).

By default, if file is updated (and it was changed before, or AutoReloadNonModified set to true), you will get a popup informing you about the update and request for reload.

There you have several choices:

  • Always for this file - always reload this file (same as setting in file menu)
  • Never for this file - never reload current file (same as setting in file menu)
  • Yes - single reload
  • No - no reload this time

In addition, there is a check box: Do Not Ask Again. If you will check it, you will be not asked any more, and your last choice will be used. If you select:

  • Yes - files will be always reloaded automatically,
  • No - files will be not updated and you will get no information popup on update.

You can only reset settings later by reseting check from workspace file directly (no UI for this).