HippoEDIT Usage Statistics

In order to better understand how HippoEDIT is used and what can be improved, it is valuable for us to know some anonymous data about of your style of using HippoEDIT and kid of data you use.

Such data may be:

  • Syntaxes you are using
  • File extensions and extension mappings you have
  • Average size of the documents you are opening
  • Active/Installed plugins
  • etc.

The data collected help us to (for example):

  • Optimize default HippoEDIT configuration (which syntax plugins shall be pre-installed/activated)
  • Default file mapping to be adjusted
  • New syntax schemes to be developed etc.

Data you send - optimize HippoEDIT for you.

The data is collected in background on idle and does not influence application performance.

Collected data is send to HippoEDIT server asynchronously, once in 7 days (by default).

The data collected is anonymous and does not contain any confidential information.