How to update HippoEDIT?

There are several ways how you can get up to date HippoEDIT version. All are good, but sometimes some can be not working for you (Windows Smart Filter, Windows Defender), so it is good to know the alternative.

The easiest and straightforward way. Download the newest version for your operating system architecture (Windows x64 → HippoEDIT x64, Windows x86 → HippoEDIT x86) from HippoEDIT website Download Page:

The link on the website always delivers most newest HippoEDIT stable version build. The date aside tells when the build was updated last time (builds update without big announcement once in 3-4 weeks, depending on a number of bugs reported).

If for some reason your web browser does not allow you to download the installer from WebSite download page, you can try alternative download links from the forum. The forum contains a list of topics for every new build history of changes. Normally, links from forum point on installers with debug information, so do not be afraid if they are much bigger than standard. Debug information does not influence the HippoEDIT performance or memory consumption but allows to produce better call stacks if the application crashes. So, help in error reporting.

If you have note disabled Automatic Updates explicitly in menu Tools→Options→General→Online or in popup informing you about a new version, HippoEDIT will automatically check, if a new version is available, and will ask you to update if new version found.

You can control, how often HippoEDIT need to check for Application Updates using this XML flag. Default is once in 20 days.

If you did not want to wait untill Automatic Update will check for new version, or want to reinstall the application and wanto to do it directly from HippoEDIT, you can do it using Update Manager.

  1. Go to menu Help→Check for Updates…

Help->Check for Updates...

  1. Select a HippoEDIT release from the list of updates (you can filter by update type above the list) and press Re-Install or Update button (depends if you have newest or old version installed)

Application Update using Update Manager

  1. Agree on an execution of “he_inst.exe”
  2. Close current HippoEDIT instance and continue the installation

Closing of the HippoEDIT running during Update

HippoEDIT remembers which installer type you already have and will install version with Debug information if you already had it for old version or will suggest you HippoEDIT beta if you already running a beta version.