HippoEDIT crashes at startup after installing updates

Normally this shall not happen. But if it happens, try:

  1. Install newest MFC libraries: uninstall the editor (not full uninstall), install Microsoft redistributable modules for VS 2005 and re-install HippoEDIT. For x32 versions, you need vcredist_x86.EXE for x64 vcredist_x64.EXE.
  2. Call HippoEDIT with –init flag to clean up cache files. cmd.exe hippoedit.exe –init
  3. Do full uninstall (including user settings), and a FULL reinstall.
  1. Do full uninstall of the x86/x64 version (including user data)
  2. Check Installation Directory, if something has been left. If yes, note what is left (and send this info to supportbox), delete Installation Directory.
  3. Install HippoEDIT x86/x64 in the Full configuration: if you install on top of an older version, and configuration of installer has been changed, you can get Custom configuration automatically selected and not all modules will be installed.
  4. If after fresh installation application still crashes, try to delete plugins DLLs one by one in %Installation Directory%\plugins
  5. If even after deleting all plugins application still crashes on startup, download Dependency Walker and open %Installation Directory%\hippoedit.exe with it and check if some required DLLs are missing. Dependency walker will show missing dependency in the log.

If you tried HippoEDIT, 2.00 you need another set of redistributables, as it build with Visual Studio 2017. They can be found on Microsoft site - take version passing to your HippoEDIT architecture (x86 or x64).

Or you can use these direct links: