Smart Horizontal Cursor Position

When you do editing and moving the cursor line up/down HippoEDIT may behave not as you expected. The reason for it, smart logic, trying to keep you in most probable editing point in the next/previous line. Such behavior can be very beneficial when doing multiple, multi-line text edition.

You have code like this, and would like to change a constant 10

int a1 = 10|*(d + c);
int a2 = 20*(d + c + f);

after edit, the cursor will be like this:

int a1 = 1000|*(d + c);
int a2 = 20*(d + c + f);

in standard you will expect something like this

int a1 = 1000*(d + c);
int a2 = 20*(|d + c + f);

but edit use “smart” logic to bring you for more probable edit point:

int a1 = 1000*(d + c);
int a2 = 20|*(d + c + f);

and by this save you two additional keystroke to move left.

HippoEDIT will keep track on editing points until explicit horizontal navigation will be done (move left, move right etc)
If you do not like the logic, you can switch back to standard behavior using following XML flag.