How to customize toolbar in HippoEDIT

Customizing of the toolbar in HippoEDIT is not supported yet. At least in an easy way.

But there is an acceptable workaround that one can use if he would like to add commands on Toolbar. There is a View Editor ToolBar plugin which does the similar thing → it adds new buttons on new toolbar and shows them. So, the easiest way would be to install it and customize.

But, if you do not like changing standard plugins, you can use template below to create your own toolbar.

Application.AddScriptInfo("7A175804-11D2-47E6-A587-72DA6A4F59C8", "My ToolBar", "1.0", "Simple plug-in that extends standard toolbar by your buttons", "", "");
// Initialize Scripting Tools Toolbar
Application.onInitToolbars = function (){
	var MyToolbar = this.GetToolBar("my-commands", true);
	MyToolbar.Name = "My Commands";
	// delete old items
	while ( MyToolbar.ItemCount ) MyToolbar.RemoveButton(0);
	// add new items

The file needs to be saved in some HippoEDIT related location, opened in HippoEDIT and executed by using Tools→Execute myToolbar.hejs. HippoEDIT will load the plugin located in file and add buttons on toolbar. The plugin file will be automatically reloaded on every HippoEDIT start.

To add other buttons on the toolbar - modify the file by adding appropriate commands. Command ids can be found in Tools→Options→Keyboard.