Access HippoEDIT resources from Russia

HippoEDIT uses CloudFlare (CDN) for speeding up loading of pages and caching the static content. Cloudflare servers working as proxies, catch requests to and serving them from cached content for static resources or passing them through for dynamic or outdated content. But there is a small problem: CloudFlare substitute original IP of by their own IPs and also share these IPs with a lot of other websites. This works OK for most cases, but leads to a problem, when some ISP blocking access to resources based on IP mask. If one of the websites, using CloudFlare and sharing CloudFlare IP is blocked by IP, actually ISP blocks not one site but plenty of other websites sharing the same IP.

In Russia, RosKomNadzor ( has blocked access to some of the sites hosted on CloudFlare and distribute this information among all Russian ISPs. Some ISP cannot do blocking of resources by name, but do it by IP, leading to blocking of hundreds of other websites. Unfortunately, shares IP with blocked websites and due to this is also not accessible in Russia :(.

The current workaround for the issue, using direct addresses (skipping CloudFlare) to access HippoEDIT resources. It is not very comfortable but in most cases works. Please use following URLs to access:

  1. HippoEDIT WebSite →
  2. HippoEDIT Forum → (here works rather bad)