Go to Line

ID Edit.GoTo
Menu Navigation→Go to Position…
Default Shortcut Ctrl+G

Go to Line functionality with absolute and relative navigation.

HippoEDIT Go To Position dialog

Entering number value will lead to interactive scrolling to the desired line. The editor will automatically correct your input if you enter values going out of bounds. Pressing “Esc” shall dismiss any interactive navigation and brings you back to initial position in the document.

If you want to navigate to a specific column in line, add column number after “:” symbol.

12:10 -> navigate to the line 12 column 10

You can also navigate partially, giving a position in the percentage of the document size.

50% -> navigate in the middle of the document

Relative Navigation

In addition to absolute navigation, you can also use relative navigation, by adding “-” or “+” symbols before the number value (n). That would result in navigation n lines before (“-”) or n lines after the current position.

+5 -> scroll 5 lines below
-7 -> scroll 7 lines above

You can also navigate character based, giving the position in the document as a number of characters from the beginning of the document.

:350 -> jump to 350 character from document start