Go To Previous or Next Position

ID Edit.NavigateBackward/Edit.NavigateForward
Menu Navigation→Navigate Backward/Forward
Default Shortcut none

The purpose of Go To Previous/Next Position command (in command list they are called Edit.NavigateBackward/Edit.NavigateForward) is to make navigation between a visited position in the document easier. But it is not a direct history of your cursor movements.

Anchors are only stored in some commands as “Go To”, Find, Page Up/Down etc. So commands which can cause big jumps. Common movements of a cursor to right/left are not stored. Mouse clicks are also stored as “anchors”.

In addition to mentioned behavior, editor skips minor changes even for noted jumps, to reduce history size but have it in brief kind:

  • if distance between the last anchor in history to new less than two lines
  • if delay between jumps is less then UndoMergeDelay (by default approximately 3 seconds).

Currently, Navigation history is only working inside of one document, but it is planned to add document through navigation some when.