Mongolian Dictionary

Hunspell Mongolian (Монгол) Dictionary Package
Version 0.06-2
Maintained By:
  Sanlig Badral (Санлигийн Бадрал) <Badral at openmn org>
  Dorjgotov Batumongke (Доржготовын Батмөнх) <bataak at gmail com>
Copyright Terms: GPLv2 (see the file Copyright for the exact terms)
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This word list is considered both complete and accurate.

This is the Mongolian dictionary for Hunspell. This dictionary is 
based on aspell dictionary package. This word list contains 2,17 
million words of the Mongolian language.

Hyphenation dictionary
Version 1.2
Author: Dorjgotov Batumongke

This hyphenation dictionary is based on TeX hyphenation pattern.

The dictionary can be downloaded from on-line repository.

For more information about installing dictionaries, check Spell Checker plugin description.