Remember Only Directly Opened Files

The option “Open Last Files” (Tools→Options→General→Actions→At Startup) not work for the files opened from a shell (e.g. Windows Explorer or Total Commander). Not sure this is a bug or feature, but when I close the app I expect that all files opened will be opened next time I start the app.

If you fill similar, there is XML flag that can control that.

There is special logic that prevents persistence of “session” files: files that are added to active HippoEDIT instance not explicitly from editor but windows explorer or whatever (any shell call like hippoedit.exe file.txt). This is done to not overcrowd your workspace by one-time-view files.

To change default behaviour and let shell files to be remembered you can use of following XML flag, in hippoedit.config:

for HippoEDIT version below or equal 1.60.7 (with mistyping in name):


for HippoEDIT version below greater than 1.60.7 (mistyping in name corrected):


create the line if does not exist, and put the value you want. Default value is true.

xml option